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Name- Kelly
Location- Merritt Island
school and grade-
Merritt Island High School-9th
Sexual preference-
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (picture please)-
If no boyfriend/ girlfriend, are you crushing? If so. On who?-(picture please! yet not necessary!) not really.. no. -
Hobbies- Taking pictures, hanging out with friends, and yes sadly i like cheerleading.
My Favorite…(pictures optional)
Bands is.. oh my...i dunno.. Falloutboy.. I HAVE ALOT THOUGH.

Song is..  i have way to many, 2 are nothing better-postal service and Wonderwall-oasis
Type of car is..  Celica GT-S black, blue or white.

Shoes is.. converse or vans

Style is.. ehhh punkish.. skaterish
Color is.. green or lite blue
Food is.. tacos, pizza, chicken
Movies is.. Moulin Rouge and Thriteen
Actor/Actress is.. Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Laurn Graham, and Alexis Bedel
Tv show is.. Gilmore Girls, One tree Hill, Degrassi
What I cant stand!
Pet Peeve- When people ask to BORROW a peice of paper, and when people beg me for gum.
Color- i dont really have one i dont like.
Food- steak
any war movie
Kirsten Dunst
Word association
sex – monkey
porn- star
french fries
love- hearts and kisses
taco- yummy
turtle- awwwh.
 britney spears-
Essays ..
Bush? I dont know really. I dont like him beacuse he could have stopped all this stuff before, but i think it was a good thing for him to be re-elected so he can just finish handling all this crap that's going on with our country. Also, in a way i respect him beacuse he gets up everyday know he has to handle a country where half the people hate him. Other then the fact that he deals with the war and stuff i dont like him. Cause i can.
gay marriage? I think that gay marriage should have never even ever been illegal. If non-gay marriage is allowed then gay marriage should be allowed to because marriage is two people that love each other getting a title and celebrating. i think that no one has the right to stop anyone from showing their love toward someone no matter what and the law trying to stop gay marriage is so stupid.
Abortion? I think that abortion should be illegal, other then medical reasons such as if the baby is diganosed with a disease before it's born.
Death penalty? I think the death penalty should ne inforced, except i think that whoever is on death row should not have the luxury of being killed by a simple needle or however they do it. If a guy is in jail for killing his kids but locking them in a car and heating them to death, then he should be locked in a car and heated to death, so he knows how it feels. Same with everyone else, their punishment should be what the did to be on death row and that's all they deserve.
Why do you like the person you mentioned above (boyfriend/girlfriend/crush)- i dont really like anyone right now coz everyone down here are assholes
Just some random questions-
1* How did you find out about alittleto_nifty? Imah mod duh..
2* On a scale of 1-10 (appearance wise) how do you rate yourself -well some days i rate myself a 5 and some days i might rate myself an 8. or anywhere between there.
3* What do you usually do on weekend? Uhmm, homework and go to the mall and movies and sit at home. gay right?
4* Are you a “gangstuh” or in anyway “rep da hood?”
hell yah nukka.. you best be belive`n.
5* If I were to give you $100 right now what would you do? go shopping, get food, and buy a prostitue.
6* Does size REALLY matter? NO
7* Does age REALLY matter?NO
Promote us in at least 4 places (if you don’t promote you don’t get it!)
uhh i gotta do it later coz there's no banner's yett..

2 good pix of you-


1 silly one-

1 that makes you laugh-

1 that makes you grossed out-
it's lip cancer...

1 that makes you hungry-

 1 that makes you go awhh..-( IMAH DO 3)
my bella.

two- my jasmine

my Lorelai

alll done..

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